SGI Decarbonised Transport Systems Webinar, 28 April, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Last update on April 23, 2020.

SGI Decarbonised Transport Systems Webinar, 28 April, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Moving on towards a New Era in Net Zero Carbon and all-encompassing Digital Connectivity - Everything changes. Everything is connected. Pay Attention. (Andrew Keys)

Europe is moving towards a revolution in net zero carbon, with significant investment in a decarbonised Transport system ushering in an era that is fundamentally set to shift how the population considers and controls its resources. Underpinning this new era on how we live and move and have our being is our dependence on new forms of energy, distributed, digitized, decarbonised, democratized and delivered in different forms by a variety of technologies and business forms to meet our needs.

There will be three keynote webinar presentations and on-line discussion topics;

  1. Translink - Decarbonizing strategy for the Public Transport System through Electrification and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies - Ian Campbell, Director of Operations, Belfast
  2. ChargePoint USA – Electric Vehicle Integrated systems Infrastructure. - Tony Amaya, London Office
  3. Dublin City University – Research Projects in Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology in Ireland & Europe. Asst Professor Dr James Carton, Dublin.

The purpose of these keynote presentations is to inform the energy interest community of some of the immediate developments at the forefront of change enabling a local decarbonized ecosystem and to give an understanding of technology, applications, challenges and opportunities. It is also designed to highlight the need to implement innovative processes while addressing a wide range of issues related to community sustainability, smart growth and changes required in growing a sustainable economy.

Disruption in the energy supply chain from Generation through distribution to a whole range of applications in new uses for consumers, businesses and the economy will continue to be at the forefront on the journey to a net zero carbon outcome. While there is still a lot of hype around these changes, they have considerable potential to disrupt and drive efficiency in the economy that will deliver real value to the energy industry and the energy user and this is becoming evident.

To register and confirm attendance, please email A link to connect to the webinar will then be forwarded to you.

A members registration form is available for anyone who is not yet registered as a member. The programme for the remainder of 2020 may be found by clicking here.

Keep safe & keep well .

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